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Sommer Islands (or sometimes referred to as Somer Islands) was named after Sir George Somers who was the founder of the land masses in the early 1600s. Soon after Somers’ death, “Hogge Money” was introduced to encourage commerce. The governor at the time, Richard Tucker, arranged for an English mint to produce denominations of two, three, six and twelve pence coins, featuring hogs which had been introduced to the island in the early 1500s by Juan de Bermúdez. Sommer Islands are better known today as Bermuda.


Shown here are a couple of Hogge Penny tables that made from a Bermuda cedar coffee table that had previously been used, judging by the gnaw marks that can be found along the edges, as a dog’s chew toy.


I had Bermuda Laser Engraving System Services (or BLESS - burn a Hogge Penny image that I created into the wooden surfaces. After a number of coats of varnish, the end results can be seen here.

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