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Ocean Lane House



When I found this diamond in the rough, I could see the potential. Click for a tour:


The makeover was thorough. Every inch of the house was affected. Here is the list of renovations I completed:


1. cement patched the exterior and hired a painter to apply a new colour on the exterior.

2. cement patched the roof and had a contractor apply sealer

3. built a 140 foot fence along the front of the house

4. designed and installed mouldings in order to enclose the eaves. This was done to prevent infiltration of nature's wildlife from getting into the house. This also allowed me to remove the interior ceiling drywall and expose the rafters. While completing this task I replaced the water-collecting downspouts 

5. reconfigured the interior layout by removing walls and closing up other areas

6. fitted new doors throughout

7. channelled the walls, installed new electrical conduit, cement patched the channels, installed new GFIC outlets, tamper-proof outlets, switches, lights, ceiling fans and had an electrician renew all wiring

8. had the power company replace the old electrical meters with new smart meters

9. Installed three new tankless water heaters

10. dug up the old cast iron plumbing drains around the outside of the house, tore out the old cast iron drains inside the house and replaced with PVC piping. 

11. tore out all of the old galvanized metal waterlines and replace with PVC piping

12. had an A/C company renew all air conditioning units

13. lifted the carpeting and cheap click flooring and laid new vinyl planks flooring (ideal for the Bermuda climate)

14. had a crew remove the drywall ceiling and then I scraped, patched, primed and painted all the rafters and collar ties. Also patched, repointed, sealed, primed and painted the underside/interior slate roof tiles.

15. cement patched all walls, primed and painted

16. gutted the bathrooms, created a shower stall, tiled walls and floors, primed, painted, installed new toilets, sinks and fixtures

17. designed and made the kitchen cabinets, shelves and  installed wall tiles

18. had a contractor drain, clean, inspect and refill the water tank

19. Staged, photographed and created the website in preparation of selling the house.

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